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Ilkley 11 Plus Tuition

Ilkley Tuition provides private tuition and specialist 11 plus tutors for the entrance exams into the Skipton based Ermysted's Grammar School, Skipton Girls' High School and Ripon Grammar School. In each subject we ensure we recruit the most qualified tutors in order to offer the best level of tuition to all of our students. Additionally of our 11 plus tutors undergo expert training from one of the most experienced and established 11 plus tutors in the Yorkshire region.

How Do Parents and Students Rate Our Tuition?


How to Book a Tutor?

Step 1.

Contact Ilkley Tutors via email or phone, to enquire about an expert 11 plus tutor for Ermysted's. Skipton Girls High or the Grammar School at Leeds. 

Step 2.

We match you with a private 11 plus tutor in Ilkley or a surrounding town. The tutor can travel to you or you can travel to the tutor, there is no difference in cost. 

Step 3.

One of our qualified, experienced and DBS checked eleven plus tutors will contact you to arrange home tuition. No contracts or upfront fees.

11 Plus Tutors in Ilkley





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About 11 Plus Tutors in Ilkley

​Our Ilkley tutors will assess every student and provide genuine feedback on the chances of the student passing the 11 plus entrance exam. We must emphasise the point that 11 plus tuition is not suitable for every child. Where our tutors do not think a student is suitable for the 11 plus tuition and exam, they will communicate this early on so that parents have the option to discontinue the course of 11+ tuition.


If you require more information about Ilkley 11 Plus Tuition, or would like to book an Ilkley based 11 plus tutor then please don't hesitate to contact Ilkley tuition. Whether you are looking for an 11 plus tutor for Ripon Grammar, or for one of the Skipton schools, we can help. 

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11 Plus Tuition FAQs

When should my child start 11 plus tuition?

Our experience tells us that 9-12 months 11 plus specific tuition is optimum. Anymore and it doesn't help a student's chances of passing and any less then you risk not being able to cover all of the material and question types in time for the exam.

This all depends on which 11 plus exam your child is sitting as nearly every school in the local area is different. For more specific information on each school, please follow the links below:

Skipton Girls' High School 11 plus exam information

Ripon Grammar School 11 plus entrance exam

Ermysted's Grammar School 11 plus exam

Bradford Grammar School entrance exam

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

When is the Ripon Grammar 11 plus exam taken?

The exam is sat in late September or Early October at the start of year 6.

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Book an 11 Plus Tutor in Ilkley

Contact us to book an 11 plus tutor in Ilkley today

Or call us today on 01756 532103

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