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Maths Revision Cards

At Ilkley Tuition we offer premium maths, English and science tuition in Ilkley and the surrounding area. Whether you are looking for a KS2 maths tutor in Burley or a GCSE Science tutor in Ilkley we can help. All of our Ilkley tutors are DBS checked as well as experienced which means you can be confident in the people we supply. All of our tutors have a passion for education and working to help young people progress with their studies. We have worked with many students from Ilkley Grammar as well as Prince Henry's in Otley and then both Skipton Grammar schools. We have also helped many students with the 11 plus exams for the Skipton schools.

Ilkley Tuition have teamed up with Maths Made Easy to provide the same excellent service, but on a more national scale. If you are looking for an expert maths tutor, contact Maths Made Easy today. Maths Made Easy have recently started to sell sets of fantastic maths revision cards for GCSE maths. There are 168 separate GCSE maths revision cards for higher and foundation GCSE. Maths revision cards are a great way to learn. If you are looking for that extra bit of help to pass your GCSE maths, head over to the Maths Made Easy GCSE maths revision cards page today and start learning for your GCSE maths!

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