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Entry Level 3 Maths

At Ilkey Tuition, we help all learners achieve their education goals, no matter their age. Some learners might be asked to learn Entry Level 3 Maths to progress through the Functional Skills qualification, and we are happy to support you on this journey. In addition to assisting students with this, we also offer support to teachers and tutors by providing resources to use when teaching.

The Entry Level 3 Maths revision resources we recommend contain a variety of materials that you can use to your advantage. Both students and teachers would find the materials beneficial, as they cover everything on the curriculum. All the subject topics are displayed in a large table, covering everything from bar charts to weights. It is easy to use and accessible for all; you can click through each topic and access the individual revision pages, including revision notes, practise questions and model solutions. Each resource is designed to develop your Maths comprehension and skills. Students and teachers can access the worksheet questions and the corresponding mark schemes on the main revision pages. These mark schemes are highly resourceful, as you can use them to understand the questions solutions and identify your areas of weakness. Additionally, these worksheets are highly valuable to ones learning as they are to the exam standard and in exam format.

The Entry Level 3 Past Papers are another tool that can be incorporated into your revision or teaching. The past papers mean that you can familiarise yourself with the format and structure of the real exam. Additionally, you can identify where marks are rewarded and gain an understanding of what the examiner is looking for when marking the papers.

When you feel confident enough with the range of past papers and their ability to achieve the pass mark, you can book your Entry Level 3 Maths exam. Once this level of learning has been completed, students can move onto Functional Skills Level 1 or go straight to Functional Skills Level 2. The majority of institutions recommend that students progress through each level to ensure that their understanding of Maths is fully developed. However, students can learn independently and choose the level they believe is most suitable for them.

You can contact Ilkey Tuition for further support; our dedicated team is happy to help!


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