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GCSE Maths Questions

At Ilkley Tuition we strive to provide the best support for students with all their studies. For this week we’ve decided to analyse GCSE maths revision and ways to access the top GCSE maths questions. The first source of questions most students consider is past papers. Even though these are one of the top ways to find the best questions you need to be aware that they are usually more difficult and there is a very limited amount to use, so it’s crucial that you dont waste these by using them before you are confident with each topic. We suggest using MME questions by topic as they are an excellent way to start your revision. These cover full specifications from each exam board.

We believe that effective revision should start by getting into good habits. A method we recommend involves correcting and documenting any mistakes as you move through the topic questions. Once you’ve finished a set of questions you should mark them using the provided mark scheme. You can start collecting these corrections as you move through topics to create them into a summary that you can use to find specific areas you need to work on. This makes it a lot easier to recap the specific areas and methods where you are losing marks.

When it comes to GCSE maths past papers, you should follow the same method. Focus on completing and marking one paper before moving onto the next. Doing these will help you start to get a feel of what the papers are like and the types of questions you might be asked. At Ilkley Tuition we can provide help for any students who want extra guidance with their GCSE maths exams. Feel free to contact us for help today.


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