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Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

GCSE exams have been cancelled in the summer of 2021. People are being awarded with teacher assessed grades as their final GCSE grade. This grade is essential for further education such as A levels and University, as well as employment. Maths and English GCSE is required for University, employment and A levels. If you are in a school or college, you will be provided with a teacher assessed grade, however if you are an external candidate, homeschooled, and adult learner or out of mainstream education, below you can find information about alternatives and teacher assessed grades.

Teacher assessed grades for those in schools and colleges

For teacher assessed grades, you want to do your best in the mock exams and ongoing work that you are doing. There are external controlled assessments that can help support the teacher’s assessed grades. This assessment is like a mock exam that will be submitted to your teacher. MME offers controlled assessments for GCSE maths exams to help with your grade.

GCSE Exams and GCSE resits

You are able to resit the GCSE exams in November 2021. The iGCSE qualifications have not been cancelled, therefore you can book as an external candidate through MME. You can get in contact with MME by calling them on 020 3633 5145 and you will be provided with information. MME have provided a page for the GCSE resits, GCSE maths retake page.

Teacher assessed grades for external candidates

For people who are homeschooled, adult learners or you are outside of full time education, and need a teacher assessed grade, MME are working with GCSE examiners to sort this out. They are coming up with assessments for these candidates to obtain GCSE grades this summer. The GCSE maths controlled assessment page will provide you with the option to book for the assessments.

Alternatives to GCSE exams and teacher assessed grades

There are other alternative qualifications to GCSE exams. There is a phrase that you would have seen when applying to University or specific jobs, which is ‘Give your GCSE or GCSE equivalent qualifications‘. Functional skills is another name for GCSE equivalent qualifications and they are accepted by most Universities and employers. The links that are provided below are dedicated to functional skills level 2 qualifications:

Nurses and Trainee Teachers

If you are looking at teacher training, nursing or similar courses then GCSE equivalency test results are accepted by course providers. However, not everyone accepts this qualification so you want to check with the course provider before you book the exam. Prospective trainee teachers are the most common to sit this test since they are preferred over functional skills by the majority of training providers and SCITT’s.


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