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11 Plus Mock Exams

Ilkley Tutors works closely alongside its sister agency Skipton Tutors to provide 11 Plus mock exams for grammar schools over the North Yorkshire area. Skipton Tutors are pleased to offer 11 Plus ick exams in September 2023. To find out more information regarding the 11 Plus mock exams, visit the Skipton Tutors 11 plus mock exam page.  

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We match you with a private 11 plus tutor in Ilkley or a surrounding town. 

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One of our qualified and professional 11 plus tutors will contact you directly to arrange the private tuition. 

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About 11 Plus Mock Exams

"My daughter and I felt that the mock test was very useful. Having never experienced such a situation before it was a really valuable exercise. Whilst practising the VR at home, my daughter normally struggled to complete the VR within 50 minutes however the mock test environment showed that under realistic test conditions she was able to complete the VR.  It also proved to my daughter that she was able to cope with the pressure of being in unfamiliar surrounds and not knowing any other girls and later having marked her papers, produce a good set of results."

"The day was a good experience for my daughter. She was put under absolute  exam conditions which are daunting at the best of times but having had the mock she has had first hand experience of what it would be like on the day. This will put her in better stead."

"We felt the mock was a true representation of what the Ermtsted's 11+ will actually be like. Our son found the experience very rewarding and it has given him the confidence to sit the real thing" 

"The 11 plus mock test for Ermysted's Grammar was really useful for my son who is nervous about exams in general. It has given him confidence and he isn't too worried about the actual exam anymore. We will be booking our daughter in for your next Skipton girls mock exam. thanks again"

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