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Numeracy Skills Tuition | Professional QTS Skills Tests

To achieve qualified teacher status you must have GCSE's to grade C in Maths, English and Science. Additionally you have to pass the QTS examinations in Maths, English and Science. These examinations are set equivalent to GCSE level but many prospective teachers often struggle with the timing aspect of the exam, especially in the professional numeracy skills test. 


Ilkley Tuition have QTS Maths tutors that provide support for the numeracy skills test. We have found that it is often the timing aspect of the Maths exam that most people struggle with, especially if it has been a while since their Maths GCSE. Our Ilkley QTS Maths tutors understand the timing constraints and teach methods that help with the mental arithmetic section of the numeracy skills test as well as strategies to improve speed through the timed written questions. From percentages to ratio's to cumulative frequency curves, our numeracy skills tutors know the QTS Maths topics inside out. We can also recommend excellent practice qts maths tests as part of our revision pack that gets students numeracy ready for the qts test

If you are specifically looking for online QTS Maths tuition then please visit QTS Maths Tutor, who also provide numeracy skills practise tests and revision materials to help students prepare even more effectively for their QTS Maths exam. QTS Maths Tutor has now also designed a free numeracy skills test which you can access directly through their site. We recommend all of our pupils to use this site. 


If you would like more information about the QTS Maths support that Ilkley Tuition can provide for the numeracy skills test then please get in touch, or if you would like to book an Ilkley QTS Maths Tutor call today. 

There are other numeracy skills test providers such as QTS Maths, Numeracy Ready and G and A Numerical but all of these providers have something missing, do not provide independent reviews and do not offer a free practice test. To get a QTS Maths Tutor discount code follow this link. 

Which Numeracy Skills Books do we recommend?

For those who are looking for professional numeracy skills test resources and mental arithmetic revision materials, we recommend looking at the QTS Maths Tutor numeracy skills test book. This covers every topic and question type that appears in the qts skills exam and offers an alternative way to revise that complements online resources. If you are revising for your literacy skills test then we would recommend the Literacy Skills Tutor free test.

QTS Literacy Tutor

Ilkley Tutors also offers private one to one tuition for the Literacy Skills Test, through our partner site QTS Literacy Tutor. QTS Literacy Tutor has 10 practise tests, exam solutions and plenty more to help you pass your Literacy Skills Test. Not only that, QTS Literacy Tutor offers market leading tuition, delivered by Literacy Skills Test experts, who have helped hundreds of people pass this test before you.


Pass your Literacy Skills Test in 3 simple steps:

Try the FREE practise test today

Book a Literacy Skills Test Expert Tutor

Pass your Literacy Skills Test!

Contact Ilkley Tutors today and one of our numeracy skills tutors will be in touch

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