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Here at Ilkley Tuition we work with a variety of local and national businesses that provide educational services within the Yorkshire region. From academic resources to private one to one tuition, there is a wide range of services that we offer. We also have partners who help to support us and the professional tuition services we provide. 

The following list of companies and services are those that we work with and are happy to recommend: 

  • Harrogate Tutors - Harrogate Tutors are our sister website that we run through the Harrogate area. They offer English, science and maths tuition in Harrogate

  • Skipton Tutors - Skipton Tutors is another one of our sister services. Skipton Tutors provides maths, English and Science tuition in the Skipton area

  • York Maths Tutor - This is the specialised maths tuition service in York. From KS2 maths to numeracy skills maths tuition, York Maths Tutor offer all levels and all types of maths tuition. 

  • York Private Tutors - This service primarily offers English and Science tuition in York. 

  • QTS Maths Tutor - This is the leading provider of professional numeracy skills tests and tuition. If you want to become a trainee teacher then you have to pass your professional skills tests and this service is the best one to help. 

  • QTS Literacy Tutor - This is the sister site to QTS Maths Tutor and offers help and support for the professional literacy skills test

  • Numerical Reasoning Tutor - Is the place to go to find free numerical reasoning practice tests and expert tutors in this specific field of mathematics. The numerical reasoning tests are very applied which is why so many people struggle with them, even those that are competent in maths.

  • Leeds Maths Tutor - This is the only specialist tuition agency in Leeds to only offer maths tuition. If you are looking for a maths tutor in Leeds then this is the service. 

  • Maths tutors near me - Finding a maths tutor in your local area can sometimes be a challenge (unless you are in Skipton of course). The maths tutors near me search helps you to find maths tutors in other areas. 

Tuition Services and Private Tutors

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Academic Resources and Revision Materials

Tuition Resources and Revision Materials:

How to revise: Tips and Tricks

Tuition Resources and Revision Materials to Help You Revise:

How to revise: Tips and Tricks

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