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Why is GCSE English so important?

We are often asked why is there such an onus on students to achieve a grade C in their GCSE English exams and the answer is that it is now a minimum requirement set for entry onto further education courses as well as a benchmark for many employers. For both reasons, whether a student wants to go onto further education or they think they are better suited to a working environment then achieving the grade C in GCSE English is very important. We find that our Ilkley pupils appreciate this and it is why all of our tutors, regardless of subject, ensure that students are progressing well in their core subjects of GCSE English and Maths as these subjects are essential for further study of any other subject.

If you are looking for a GCSE English tutor in Ilkley or an Ilkley tutor for any other subject then contact Ilkley Tuition and we will be happy to help!

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