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QTS Maths Tuition

Ilkley Tuition is a premium tutoring service that provides tuition in Maths, English and Science related subjects which includes specialist tuition for the numeracy skills test. The numeracy skills qualification is required to enable prospective teachers to gain access on to a teacher training course. Our QTS Maths tutors have experience in helping many people to pass the numeracy skills test. Our tutors also appreciate that many students find Maths very challenging and may need the support to cover the basics such as long multiplication and percentages. We are use to all abilities of people having QTS Maths tuition and our tutors have the ability to adapt the sessions to support the individual in the most effective way. The mental arithmetic section of the numeracy skills test requires specific methods to ensure candidates answer the questions within the time restrictions. We are confident that our tutors are effective in communicating and teaching these methods to help prospective tutors overcome the challenges the numeracy skills test presents. Contact Ilkley Tuition today to book a tutor!

If you are looking for online numeracy skills test tuition, visit QTS Maths Tutor.

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