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Numeracy Skills Tests

We get a number of requests for the numeracy skills tests from people in Ilkley and the surrounding areas. This is test is set to GCSE Maths level and has to be passed in order for prospective teachers to go on and gain qualified teacher status. Since 2012 when the government made significant changes to the numeracy skills test, the pass rates have fallen dramatically. This is compounded by the fact that candidates now only have a maximum of three attempts to pass the exam. We get many people that ask for QTS Maths tuition after having had two attempts. This is ok and the vast majority of our students go on to pass the numeracy skills test but there is often a lot of pressure when a candidate only has one attempt left and this doesn't help. We encourage people that are struggling or concerned about the numeracy skills test to contact us sooner rather than later. Typically students have between 5-10 lessons to help them prepare for the exam.

If you are looking for an online QTS Maths Tutor or a numeracy skills tutor in Ilkley contact Ilkley Tuition today!

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