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A Level Maths, Chemistry and GCSE Maths

A Level Maths and Chemistry have been two of our most popular requested subjects. This often reflects what is happening in local schools, so if a class is struggling in a specific subject then the demand for tuition in that area increases. Consequently the demand for A Level Maths and Chemistry has been really high this year along with other core subjects such as GCSE Maths but this is more reflective of national trends which have been caused by reforms to the GCSE Maths curriculum which many students and teachers are struggling with due to the increase in demand of the subject. Consequently we now have limited to no availability for A Level Maths, Chemistry and GCSE Maths tuition in the Ilkley area. As we are closely connected to a number of other agencies in Yorkshire we do still have some spaces in these subjects but the tutors are quite a distance away so we are limited to offering parents online tuition for some of the subjects.

The Ilkley Tuition blog has been set up to support students

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