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QTS Maths Tuition and Tests

Ilkley Tuition provides academic tuition in many core subject areas but also in specialist areas such as the numeracy skills test. The numeracy skills test is an exam that soon to be teachers must pass in order to continue with their teacher training. At Ilkley Tuition we have professional QTS Maths tutors who will take our tutees through the required course content that will help them to effectively prepare for the exam. We are also happy to recommend, QTS Maths Tutor, a numeracy skills test practise site which is dedicated to providing high quality interactive QTS Maths tests. Our tuition along with access to the practise tests will help all candidates, even those that are terrified by the prospect of having to sit more Maths exams! We appreciate that Maths isn’t a subject that everyone enjoys and in fact some are even fearful and embarrassed when it comes to asking for help. At Ilkley Tuition we understand people’s concerns, we do not judge, we simply offer the support and help that people need when tackling the numeracy skills test. Whatever your level of Maths we believe we can enhance your chances of being successful with the QTS Maths test. If you are unsure with how the tuition works or you want some more information about our service, then please get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss all aspects of the numeracy skills test as well as the help we can provide.

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