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11 Plus Mock Exams

As part of our Ilkley Tuition and Skipton Tutors partnership, we are pleased to be able to offer a professionally run 11 Plus mock exam for both Ermysted's Grammar School and Ripon Grammar School. There are a number of dates for the mock exams with the first taking place on the 24th of June, so you only have a few weeks to book. The 11 plus mock tests run by Skipton Tutors are the best in the local area. With an authentic exam experience offered by a formal examination environment in the form of St Andrews Hall it provides an opportunity for students to become accustomed to formal exam procedures. Additionally the 11 plus exam papers test all of the same content that the Ermysted's Grammar and Ripon Grammar entrance exams test. The exam papers have been sourced from an independent supplier who does not sell their materials to the wider public or distribute them through retailers so we can guarantee that student will not have seen the questions or papers before. If you are interested in getting your child in to either Ermysted's Grammar or Ripon Grammar, then either contact Ilkley Tuition or visit the dedicated 11 plus mock exam page on Skipton Tutors website.

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