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At Ilkley Tuition we are pleased to provide an update on our availability. Since the end of the GCSE exams and the end of the A Level exams this coming week., we have much better availability in all of our core subjects. Our Ilkley Tutors are all ready preparing for our next cohort of students. We have some pupils booked in to start tuition in July and get ahead over the summer break whilst others are looking to start at the beginning of the new academic year in September. If you are considering booking a Maths, English or GCSE Science teacher in Ilkley, and want to either start now or book for September then please get in touch today.

Ilkley Tuition is a premium academic tutoring service focusing on Maths, Science and English tuition in Ilkley and the surrounding areas. We offer tuition to students from key stage two up to A Level and even adult learners in some cases. We also provide two types of specialist tuition which include the 11 plus tuition for the two Skipton Grammar schools, Ermysteds' and Skipton Girls High School. The second type of specialist tuition we offer is Maths tuition for the numeracy skills test. We are partnered with the largest provider of numeracy skills tests in the country, QTS Maths Tutor and we believe that as a result our students have a much better chance of passing. Whether it is a numeracy skills tutor in Ilkley you are looking for or a GCSE Maths tutor, Ilkley Tuition can help.

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