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GCSE Science Tuition In Ilkley

With this year's GCSE Science results now published we can announce that we have had another really successful year with students from all the local secondary schools and colleges. We have had students from Ilkley Grammar sitting AQA GCSE triple Science which is the same exam board sat at Emrysted's Grammar School and Skipton Girls' High School . Most schools and colleges in the North and West Yorkshire regions now use AQA as their choice of exam board for GCSE Sciences. At Ilkley Tuition, our GCSE Science tutors are familiar with all exam boards and specifications. This is more important than ever this academic year as the new GCSE Science exams are being examined for the first time. The new GCSE Science syllabus was first introduced in September 2016 but it being examined for the first time in 2018. All of our GCSE Science tutors in Ilkley are ready for the new exams this year and they have all been teaching the new course for 12 months now so are even more confident in delivering an exceptional tuition. Our GCSE Science tutors in Ilkley, all tutor a minimum of two Sciences, whether that be a combination of GCSE Biology and Chemistry or Physics and Chemistry or Biology and Physics and we have some tutors who can help with all three Sciences which is unusual as most Science teachers specialise in one Science. We also provide Science tuition for dual, triple, double award and triple award Science. So whatever GCSE Science specification your child is sitting, if you are looking for an expert GCSE Science tutor in Ilkley, contact Ilkley Tuition today.

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