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Maths for A Level Biology

At Ilkley Tuition we offer exceptional A Level Biology tuition. As part of this we help our student to understand the Maths content which is now a prominent part of the A Level.

Since the introduction of the new A Level Biology syllabus here has been a lot more Maths in the final exams. Whether you are sitting AQA A level Biology, OCR or Edexcel then you should expect that approximately 10% of you’re a Level Biology papers will involve calculations. The following list details the type of Maths that can come up in the exam.

  • Standard index form

  • Statistical tests such as chi squared and student t -test.

  • Volumes of shapes

  • Basic algebra

  • Graph interpretation and calculating the gradient of a curve.

  • Percentages, ratios and fractions.

  • Unit conversions

There are many different types of Maths questions that can appear in your A Level Biology exam. For a comprehensive revision of Maths for A Level Biology, visit Maths Made Easy where there is a comprehensive list of A Level Biology resources and past papers. If you find that the Biology worksheets and questions are really difficult and that you would like some additional help then you can always book an A Level Biology tutor in Ilkley.

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