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Equivalency Testing Price

At Ilkley tuition, we work closely with our prospective trainee teachers to make sure they get into a teacher training course. To become a teacher, a level 4 or grade C in Maths and English is a mandatory requirement. If you do not have these qualifications, the best way to get them is through a GCSE equivalency.

There are multiple different equivalency providers so being aware of the differences is key. A major difference is the equivalency testing price for the provided courses and exams. It is important you are aware of this so you can work out which is the best deal for you. Learners should also ensure the support given by the providers is perfect for them. The majority of the course offered will allow you access to the courses, revision materials and the actual exams. Here at Ilkley tuition, we offer support with these materials by offering our qualified and experienced tutors to go through it with you personally.

We help our learners by offering our best tutors to guide them 1-2-1 through the course material. We help our customers find the best equivalency testing price for them and then support them in finding a suitable date for them to sit their exam.


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