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Free Functional Skills Courses

Free Functional Skills Courses

Here at Ilkley Tuition we have plenty of free Functional Skills courses for learners to choose from to help them prepare for their English and Maths level 2 Functional Skills exams. Ilkley Tuition is now offering YOU a FREE Functional Skills level 2 course! Check out the link below to find out how.

Functional Skills Maths level 2 Course

The Functional Skills Maths lvl 2 course is one of the most popular courses taken by our learners. Success in this GCSE Equivalent course and qualification can lead to University courses, and increase your chances of employment. Most apprenticeship schemes also need this in order to complete them, meaning there is an incredibly high amount of learners taking this exam all throughout the year. If you sign up now using the link below you will receive a free level 2 maths course, all inclusive with a pre-assessment of all the skills you may need to work on to succeed!

Functional Skills English level 2 Course

There is also a Functional Skills English course for our learners, this goes over the topics that you will need to pass the level 2 English exam, being things like Punctuation, Grammar, and even as basic as Spelling. The English exams consist of 3 individual exams, being Reading, Writing and the SLC. The Reading exam determines how good you are at understanding pieces of literature, be it a newspaper article, or an advertisement. The Writing exam is used to determine how strong your writing and spelling is, by writing out in many different patterns. The SLC exam is a Speaking exam which is done to judge how good you are at presenting your own work, and how good you are at speaking to an audience. Check out this link to sign up for your own FREE English level 2 course!


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