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Free Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Course

At Ilkley Tuition, alongside our tutoring services, we also aim to provide accurate information regarding revision materials that you can use to secure your pass. Today we are offering FREE access to a brilliant course that will help you prepare for your exam. Today we will be covering the Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Course!

What is the course?

A good question! It's a course that is based on the Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Exam. it been designed around the English exam ensuring that it will cover a majority of the subjects that could appear on the exam. Like the exam, the course itself will be split into 3 sections to mimic the exam. These been:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Speaking Listening & Communication (SLC)

The comprehensive course will cover all of these sections using a multitude of different resources to ensure a varied learning experience. These resources will include:

  • A beginning pre-assessment

  • Exam questions

  • Video solutions for exam questions

  • And Practice exercises

All of the said resources have been unequivocally designed to get the most out of your revision time in a way that will give you experience in what taking the exam will be like.

If this is not enough or you are struggling to understand a certain topic, support for all of the components of the course will be offered by us.

You can register for the FREE Pass Functional Skills Level 2 English Course here to get started!


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