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Free Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Test

A key part of your revision is the selection of resources you want to use. Getting this right from the very beginning will ensure that your revision will be supplemented by only the best resources. Maximizing what you will be getting from your limited revision time. Optimal for getting yourself prepared for your Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Exam.

Today us here at the Ilkley Tuition Company will be going over some excellent resources that are at your disposal. All relevant and perfect for your revision!

Firstly would be the Pre-Assessment, an excellent resource to use right at the beginning of your revision. It uses AI and different questions to find out your strengths/weaknesses are in Maths. This will help to focus your revision to only the subjects that you are weak in. Greatly maximising your revision experience.

Next are:

All of which will give you an excellent idea of what taking the exam will actually be like. Especially the Online Mock Exam, which is on the same site as the actual exam. So it will mimic the actual conditions that the exam will take place in. All of them will contain questions that are very similar to what will appear in the actual exam, so is a great chance to see what questions you should prepare for.

And lastly:

Which are great resources in preparing you for each individual question. The question model solutions will take you through how to answer each individual type of question. The video marking scheme will then show you what you need to write down in the exam in order to get the highest marks possible (mostly in regards to the working outbox)


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