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Functional Skills Course

At Ilkley Tuition, we provide customised assistance to learners of various abilities, including adult learners. Our main objective is to facilitate the enrollment of adult learners into their preferred functional skills course. To achieve this, we evaluate the specific requirements of each student and create a personalised learning plan that caters to their everyday commitments, such as childcare or work responsibilities. When it is necessary, we follow a fast paced approach, enabling learners to finish their course and examinations within a few weeks, enabling them to meet time sensitive deadlines for job or university applications.

Functional Skills courses are customarily designed for individuals who did not obtain GCSE qualifications during their schooling years or wish to enhance their skills to fulfil the requirements of their job or profession. These courses are available at varying levels, ranging from entry level to level 2, and can be completed in a variety of environments, including online platforms. The online format has grown in popularity due to its accessibility and quick results.

Although functional skills courses often include a combination of classroom teaching, practical exercises, and assessments, frequent attendance at a college may not be a viable option for numerous learners. Consequently, online learning options have become much more popular. These courses encompass a wide variety of topics, such as writing skills in English and uses of percentages in maths. As well as helping you prepare for the formal level 2 qualifications, the functional skills course also facilitate the gain of everyday skills that can boost career prospects

At Ilkley Tuition, our aim is to help learners find the optimal functional skills courses to suit their individual needs. Moreover, we offer tutoring services that supplement the learning process and help you better understand the course material. Whether you are studying in a college program or pursuing online self study, our team is always available to offer assistance to ensure you excel in your functional skills course.


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