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Functional Skills Courses

Proficiency in English and mathematics is essential in the current competitive labour market. Acquiring a Functional Skills qualification can assist you in attaining your objectives, be they university applications, apprenticeship pursuits, or employment opportunities. We at Ilkley Tuition endorse the functional skills courses offered by Pass Functional Skills, a company that provides an extensive array of resources to facilitate your academic achievement. 

Understanding Functional Skills

Functional skills are the English and maths practical skills that universities and employers consider essential. Attainment of these credentials signifies expertise in fundamental competencies—such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication—that are indispensable for academic and professional achievement.

Advantages of Online Functional Skills Courses

Courses in functional skills delivered online provide convenience and adaptability. Pass Functional Skills offers courses that accommodate the schedules of learners with demanding schedules, permitting them to progress at their individual speeds. The courses assist you in tracking your development and identifying problem areas.

Courses Offered by Pass Functional Skills

Pass Functional Skills provides all-encompassing English and mathematics courses that will equip you with the credentials required for your next career move. Revision materials, hundreds of practice questions, and trial exams are included in each course. Before commencing the course, it is recommended that you complete initial assessments and subject knowledge assessments to assist you in selecting the appropriate level and topics.

The topics are organised in accordance with government specifications and include video tutorials, practice questions, and topic assessments to guarantee that each concept is fully understood.

Functional Skills Equivalents

English and mathematics GCSEs (or their equivalent) are frequently required for employment, apprenticeships, or university programmes. Functional skills qualifications offer a more efficient pathway, despite the fact that GCSE exams are an option. A level 2 functional skills certificate is equivalent to a grade C/4 in GCSEs, and Pass Functional Skills provides online examinations year-round as a convenient alternative to traditional in-person exams.


Functional skills courses are a versatile alternative for individuals who are either pursuing higher education or investigating alternative career paths. They provide nationally recognised qualifications that can open new doors, and the courses offered by Pass Functional Skills will provide you with the necessary skills to excel in your exams and advance with confidence.


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