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Functional Skills Initial AssessmentAt the Ilkley Tuition company, we aim to support students of all

At the Ilkley Tuition company, we aim to support students of all ages regarding accessing support with their exams. This primarily involves the provision of 1-2-1 tuition. But for some, this is not suitable, or maybe outside of their price range. So to remedy this, we also offer recommendations for both free and paid revision materials. This week, we will be talking about the Functional Skills initial assessments. This excellent resource is a set of 2, free online tools. These 2 tools are the Functional Skills Initial Assessment, and the Pre-Assessment Diagnostic Test.

Functional Skills Initial Assessment for Maths and English

The initial assessment works by using carefully selected questions to analyside the learners current skill level. Providing insight and grading the learner on their knowledge. Allowing the learner to determine what level the learner should enter at. As well as providing the opportunity to use the first test result as a basis to track progress. Taking the test multiple times during the leadup to the exam.

Pre-Assessment Diagnostic Test for Maths and English

Meanwhile, the pre-assessment is a test that determines the level of knowledge in specific topics of the learner’s chosen subject. Identifying exactly what topics the learner should work on revising. Helping to focus the learner’s revision int he areas that truly matter. Getting most out of their time leading up to their exam.

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