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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Past Paper

Here at Ilkley Tuition, we help our learners develop their maths skills and help them prepare for their functional skills maths exam. One of the most important revision tools is past papers, this article has been created to help you access the level 2 past papers and then how to use them effectively as part of your revision.

The functional skills maths level 2 past papers can be accessed from multiple websites. It is vital to be aware that the past papers from before 2019 will not cover the entirety of the course as new specifications have been added. Therefore the pre-2019 exams will be missing certain parts of the course you need to know. The different exam boards all have their own past papers but they are very similar as they all use the same government curriculum so the only real difference between them is the exam structure. However, they are still all useful for revision.

Students should only start the past papers once they feel confident enough with the respective subject. Once you have revised each topic area then we would advise that you start the functional skills maths level 2 past paper. We advise that you complete the mocks and past papers under time conditions as it will give you an indication as to how long it will take you to complete an exam. Once you have completed a few mocks and past papers you will start to see better results.

At Ilkley Tuition, we are here to help all learners prepare for their level 2 exam. If you are looking for a functional skills tutor in Ilkley, get in touch today.


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