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Functional Skills Online

At Ilkley Tuition, we provide help and assistance for anyone of any age or background who has struggled with the more traditional classroom based education. Our online functional skills qualification is widely accepted as an equivalent to a level 4 at GCSE, or grade C if you are more familiar with the older grading system - which is usually a requirement for a university offer, apprenticeship or new job. This qualification is available to any learner from Key Stage 3 upwards, but is common in adults looking to add to their qualifications and experience.

Maths and English functional skills courses cover an array of skills which are beneficial to learners in their everyday lives. These include engaging competently and confidently with others, solving problems in familiar and unfamiliar scenarios and applying your knowledge and understanding to everyday life. You can complete initial assessments to assess your individual strengths and learning needs and from here on tackle the right areas.

In today's world, studying functional skills online makes it much more accessible and convenient for any learner interested in developing their skills for personal or professional reasons. With the course being online, you can study from the comfort of your own home at any pace - this is extremely useful to learners who struggled with traditional education or anyone with a hectic daily schedule. There is a huge amount of revision and study materials available with the online course, including amusing and engaging interactive quizzes, videos and online textbooks.

For more information on functional skills online, get in touch with us today at Ilkley Tuition and we can answer any queries you may have.


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