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GCSE English Equivalency past papers

At Ilkley tuition, we help you to prepare for your English equivalency exam. We ensure you are ready for your test in multiple ways including recommending you resources that are vital to your success and offer you qualified tutors that will boost your learning.

These resources are key in order to pass the equivalency exam. Our qualified tutors give essential support for the exam and will show you personally what is needed to pass the exam. For most learners, a level 4 is the only requirement needed to get onto the prospective training courses. Once your tutor has spent enough time with you, they will encourage you to start doing the past papers we provide. You can find these practice papers if you click on the following link: GCSE English equivalency practice papers. These past papers are very important to be successful with the exam. We have been told multiple times by our customers that they have found our past papers an extremely useful and helpful; resource that they used to prepare for their exam. The papers we offer also come with the mark scheme, this is important as it allows you to see how well you are doing compared to what is needed to pass the exam. It will also show you how to pick up the marks you are missing which could be the difference between you passing and failing.

For help with your English equivalency exam, contact Ilkley Tuition.


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