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GCSE English Equivalency Test

Ilkley Tuition are delighted to be able to support for the GCSE English Equivalency test with MME in order to help you gain entry onto a prospective training course or help access higher education.

Most of the time, the equivalency tests are taken by teachers in training looking to be able to take part on a teacher training course or in order to complete their training and become a fully qualified teacher; enabling them to work in the UK as a fully qualified professional teacher, generally these are the final stage that prospective teachers need to do before a complete qualification. Upon completing this exam, depending on your provider your exam will last either 1.5 to 2 hours long and you will receive your results within 2 weeks.

The GCSE Equivalency English test currently contains everything that the UK Government set as the GCSE English curriculum and covers all parts of the specification. By covering all of these parts, it will cover all the essential fundamentals of the English Language in order to help you progress on your teaching journey. This English test will cover everything necessary including: spelling, grammar, punctuation and reading comprehension.

Throughout the UK, there are several different training and exam providers, of which will often offer course materials in order to help you prepare as much as possible prior to your exam. These exam prep materials will most likely include revision flashcards as well as practice papers which have been created in order to show you how the exam will be formatted. A lot of these providers will also offer an online exam, if this is the case there are also many paper based exams you can opt for.


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