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GCSE Equivalency

To be able to enter higher education or have a better chance for employment, GCSE maths and English is required. GCSE equivalents is a qualification that is also accepted which is why this qualification is popular.

The two most popular GCSE equivalent qualifications are functional skills in maths and English and GCSE equivalency tests. Functional skills are a GCSE equivalent qualification at a level 2. There are 5 levels in this qualification that you go through. The first is entry level 1, then entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and the last one is level 2. The level 2 is what you need for a GCSE equivalent qualification. Depending on your age, you can get funding from the UK government for a functional skills course which is taken at a college. If you are 19 or under, you fit the criteria for this funding, however if you are older than 19 then you will have to apply as an independent learner to a functional skills course and when you are prepared to sit the exam, you can. GCSE equivalency tests are the other GCSE equivalents qualification that is popular for people who require the qualification to gain access to teacher training courses. They offer exams in science, maths and English. MME is the most reputable since they find the best price for you. This exam can be taken at any point when you are ready.

NVQ and BTEC are two other GCSE equivalents qualifications that you can achieve however, functional skills is the most popular out of them all since they are easy to book an exam and sit at any point during the year. The full GCSE exams are the best qualification but there are only two times during the year you can sit them, therefore they aren’t as convenient.

Ilkley Tuition provides you with one to one revision for GCSE or GCSE equivalent exams. We will help you with the topic material and give help where it is needed. MME is an establishment we work with to help provide you with the best revision resources and help book your exam. They can book your exam at the nearest local testing centre or if you would rather sit the exam at home, they can book an online functional skills exam for you.


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