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GCSE Equivalency Test Online

Ilkley Tuition works alongside MME to provide you with tuition to gain access to higher education courses, teacher training, uniformed services and nursing through getting a GCSE equivalent qualification. The exam is online which is more convenient since you don’t have to worry about travel and traffic.

Our service page gives you more information about how to book an exam, test example papers and explains how the exam works. The link below will take you to our service page.

Commonly asked questions regarding online GCSE equivalency test

Throughout our time tutoring, we get asked a lot of questions. The most commonly asked questions we get are:

What is the GCSE equivalency test and how does it work?

The GCSE equivalency test is an online exam that is paper based. The invigilator will watch over the exam through a service such as zoom. Click here to see our GCSE equivalency video.

For the online math GCSE equivalency exam, where and how do I book it?

The link below that has been provided is where you get the information to help you book your online exam.

Is there any information about the GCSE equivalency test?

The link that is given below will give you more details regarding GCSE equivalency tests. This will be beneficial if you are thinking about this route.

To sit a GCSE English test online, how much would it cost?

The website link below will give you the price for the GCSE English Equivalency test online. The cost starts from £159 for GCSE equivalency.

Do you have a GCSE Science equivalency test online that i can take?

Yes we do have a GCSE Science equivalency test online.

How can I access the equivalency test examples for maths, English and Science?

To access any GCSE equivalency test examples for all three subjects.

Is there a way to access the GCSE maths equivalency test papers?


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