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GCSE Equivalency Tests

Ilkley tuition is the perfect place for students and adult learners to acquire support with qualifications they are studying for. GCSE equivalency tests are key for those looking to enter teaching as a career. The tests that are above all for people looking to attain a postgraduate certification in education, nursing and midwifery are the GCSE equivalency tests; they are also used for many other course entries at universities as well.

For students who are international and have not acquired a GCSE grade C in English, science or maths. These courses are a fantastic idea to get into the career path of teaching.

The exams in these courses are gauged against the major GCSE specifications by the exam board; these exams boards consist of AQA and Edexcel. The exams and courses have also been adapted for students and adult learners so that they can be studied and taken in less time.

Two GCSE equivalency test providers are accepted by the biggest university providers. The advice we give is always to stay with two of the main providers, A Star Equivalency would be our top pick for these equivalency exams. Once your exam has been booked, an email will be sent and will contain all the information needed for you to be prepared for the exam day. The exams are able to be taken from home in your own time and run from Monday to Saturday. Once you have sat your exam and passed, a certificate will be sent and able to be presented for future careers. This certificate contains a code that’ll be unique to you and used to verify your qualification.

Ilkley tuition aids students/learners trying to get their qualifications whilst preparing for their equivalency tests. To do this, it's a good idea to scan the course you are taking and to relay the area of the course that you need more help on; before progressing with our tuition. If one to one support is needed to support your studies, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. We help and have dedicated tutors for Maths, English and Science.


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