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Multiply scheme

The Multiply scheme is a government-run initiative that we support. Targeted toward mature learners, they aim to help improve their numeracy skills. Mainly through the provision of multiple online resources, as well as personal tutoring at a GCSE level. The Multiply Programme is based around assisting adult learners due to the sheer lack of resources and support currently available for adult learners. Most support is aimed at younger learners or all learners in general.

If you are accepted into the Multiply scheme. You will be given access to all of its resources through the Multiply platform. All of which have been created by content experts and examiners. As well as being continuously updated and added to. So you can be assured that all the resources you are accessing are relevant and up to date for the exam, you will plan on taking.

Regarding the exam itself, the Multiply Programme does not offer the actual exam as a service. So you will be required to go through a registered exam center to take your GCSE or equivalent Maths exam. To do this, you can either go to your local college and register there or go through an online exam provider.

Ilkley Tuition is here to help with all of your preparation for your Maths exam, so if you want to know more or are interested in our own tutoring services, then get into contact today!


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