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Online Functional Skills maths

Online Functional Skills Maths Introduction

Online Exams are quickly becoming the best way to take your exams as it's a more convenient and accessible way to conduct an exam. The pandemic has impacted everyone's lives and has made learning in person harder than ever, Many education providers and Univercity's have been moving towards online exams due to the advantages outweighing the disadvantages so the pandemic has only sped up this change, you can now access all your exam revision material needed for your functional skills maths qualification, for both level 1 and level 2 from home.

Online Functional Skills Maths Revision

At ilkley tuition we offer online courses for both level 1 and level 2 maths, we also freely provide access to the past papers and recommended resources such as our invaluable pre-assessment, The ilkley tuition pre assessment works you through questions that are similar to exam style questions, and will outline topic areas you need to improve on to pass and achieve the qualification. Some learners prefer having a physical copy and we always have products that can be delivered to your home such as exam papers and revision material, when you feel prepared and confident enough you can then book the exam and sit the exam from home.

Online Functional Skills Maths Exam

Book and take your GCSE equivalent functional skills maths exam online! Ilkley tuition is proud to be one of the first and most popular providers of the Ofqual regulated exams. Online exams can be done from the comfort of your own home, with online invigilation our highly trained invigilators make sure the exam rules are being met. Functional skills is seen as a GCSE equivalent qualification that is accepted by further education providers like Universities and Apprenticeship schemes. The FAQs below answer the most popular questions that learners ask regarding the online functional skills maths exams.


Will my University accept this qualification?

During the application process most Universities check for a GCSE or equivalent qualification, the most popular accepted GCSE equivalent is a Functional skills maths level 2 qualification

Are the online exams safe?

Yes, Online Exams are a much safer way to sit exams rather than on paper. The invigilators who conduct the examinations using remote invigilation are highly qualified and make sure the exam rules are being met and whilst staying highly vigilant throughout the exam.

Are the online exams safe?

Online exams are 100% safe and the invigilators make sure the rules are being met at all times.

Are the online exams safe?

Yes they are UK government certified and Ofqual regulated

Is an online exam as good as a paper based on?

Yes, your certificate will not have any information whether the exam has been conducted online or on paper. The most important detail is that you’ve obtained this qualification.

Are the online maths exams official?

Yes they are very official and very real, all our exams are Ofqual regulated meaning they are UK government approved.

If I pass will I get a hard copy of the certificate?

Yes when you get your results you will receive a digital copy as well as a paper based copy of your certificate and you'll also receive a copy sent your address

Do I have to have special software and be good with computers?

No special software or computer knowledge is necessary as long as you know how to work a mouse and keyboard you can take the exam.

Why should I choose an online functional skills maths test over a centre based exam?

Many learners prefer taking their exams online as the way its conducted is more convenient for the learner and the results are marked and sent out at a much faster rate so it cuts out the need of travelling to a test centre


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