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Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills

Ilkley tuition specialises in English, Maths and Science based tuition, we have highly qualified teachers who encourage and support their learners every step of the way, they make sure each learner gets the attention needed in order to pass their exams. This is done by 1-to-1 tuition which allows the teacher more time to focus on their learner and can ensure they are fully prepared for their exams.

QTLS Introduction

QTLS status is the only status for teachers and trainers working in education, QTLS is a status that allows you to teach in schools across the globe, in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Having QTLS means that you're highly experienced in your area and have demonstrated effective use and skills in your practise.

Is QTLS the same as QTS?

QTLS and QTS are both equal in status, they are seen as equivalents and both offer very similar attributes to each other.

How do I achieve QTLS?

To successfully gain a QTLS you must first have your Maths and English qualifications at a minimum grade of Grade C or above, or achieve a Function Skills level 2 qualification.

Can you teach in schools with QTLS?

SET members with QTLS qualifications can teach in schools in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, etc.


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