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What are functional skills?

Today we will be covering the subject of Functional Skills, what it is all about, and how it is useful to you. What are functional skills? They are equivalent to qualifications in the subjects of Maths and English. What they are equivalent to depends on the level.

What are functional skills qualifications? These qualifications can be used in place of the qualification they are equivalent to. For example with Level 2, you can gain access to different apprenticeship and university courses. The qualifications are all Ofqual approved, meaning they can be used almost everywhere in the UK, including all major universities, apprenticeships, and job providers.

These qualifications are available to learners of all ages and are designed to be as accessible as possible. The learner is able to take the course from the comfort of their own home and can be sat at any point in the year. So there is no need to wait or travel anywhere. Some book, sit for their exam, and receive their results in less than a month. Making Functional Skills perfect for those who are in a rush to get the grades they need.

Alongside being Ofqual approved, Pass Functional Skills also work alongside multiple exam boards, these are:

  • Open Awards

  • City & Guilds

  • Edexcel

  • AQA

  • NCFE

So you can make sure that the exam paper that you will be taking will be the best option for your situation. If you are unsure which will be the best for you, or have any questions regarding Functional Skills as a whole. Then get in contact with us today!


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