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Ilkley Tuition

Science, English and Maths Tutors in Ilkley

Ilkley Tuition offers private tuition in many different subject areas including Maths, English and Science from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE and A level. If you are searching for a GCSE Maths tutor in Ilkley, thinking about Science tuition or looking to book an Ilkley English tutor, then contact Ilkley Tuition today! If you would like to read more about the tuition services we provide or general subject information, scroll down this page. At Ilkley Tuition we are committed to helping all of our Ilkley pupils succeed in Maths, English and Science at all levels, including in their GCSE and A Level exams. Whether your child is in year 7 and is struggling with their creative writing in English, or they need some help from a Maths tutor for their algebra, then Ilkley Tuition can help! 

How to Book a Tutor?

Step 1.

Contact Ilkley Tuition via email or phone, to enquire about an English, Maths, Science tutor in Ilkley. 

Step 2.

We match you with a private tutor in Ilkley or a surrounding town. The tutor can travel to you or you can travel to the tutor, there is no difference in cost. 

Step 3.

One of our qualified, experienced and DBS checked tutors will contact you to arrange home tuition. No contracts or upfront fees.

Functional Skills Level 2 Maths and English

Functional skills starts with entry level 1 and works up to level 2. The level 2 qualifications in maths and English are equivalent to a GCSE grade C or level 4. Therefore, students can use this to gain entry to university and higher education. here at Ilkley Tutors, we understand how important it is to pass these exams which is why we offer our specialist functional skills tutors that can help you prepare for your exam. We also work closely with a national provider of courses and exams to ensure we can offer our learners the best support possible. The following services will help you to book your exam, revise using the best materials and ultimately pass your level 2 maths and English functional skills exams. 

Functional skills maths level 2 online exam and support service.

Functional skills English level 2 online exam booking service.

Functional skills maths level 2 resources, course and past papers.

All functional skills English level 2 support, resources and much more.

For those who would prefer to take a traditional GCSE exam as a private candidate, there are other options. You can do a GCSE maths and English resit with a private service. 

Ilkley Tuition's trusted online tuition partner

At Ilkley Tuition, we recognize the significance of digital advancements in education. With the rise of online learning, we're thrilled to introduce our collaboration with The Exam Tutor as our recommended online tuition platform. For students who value online flexibility, our partnership with The Exam Tutor guarantees both convenience and quality.

Our goal is always to furnish students with the most effective educational resources. In The Exam Tutor, we've found a partner that matches our commitment to academic excellence. They understand the varied learning trajectories of each student, addressing individual challenges and aspirations. Their promise to offer a tailored and high-quality educational experience ensures every student is directed towards achieving their best.

One of the standout aspects of The Exam Tutor is their thorough tutor selection process. Every tutor is not just skilled in their subject but also a qualified teacher with extensive experience. To ensure safety and build trust, each of their educators undergoes a DBS check.


Diversifying from the typical one-on-one tutoring, The Exam Tutor has introduced specialized group sessions. Designed and led by their expert tutors, these sessions zoom in on essential topics for exam readiness.

What's more, The Exam Tutor offers more than just tuition. Their complimentary educational consultancy service is a boon for both students and parents, providing academic guidance, assistance in exam scheduling, and advice for future education paths.

At Ilkley Tuition, our collaboration with The Exam Tutor represents a joint endeavour towards academic brilliance. We highly recommend their online services for a superior learning journey.

If you have any questions about our new online tuition partner, or would like some more information on The Exam Tutor, please get in touch today and we will be happy to help.


Ilkley Tuition believe that inspirational tutors lead to aspirational students.

English, Science and Maths Revision Materials

At Ilkley Tuition we are pleased to be part of the Maths Made Easy resource group which provide the best Key stage, GCSE and A Level resources online to all students. Follow the links below to revise which ever subject you would like.

Students all across the country require GCSE Maths. This is why GCSE Maths is one of our main focuses here at Ilkley Tuition we provide expert tuition sessions for students but we also recommend high quality GCSE maths revision materials. From worksheets to revision cards and of course past papers from every exam board. These types of GCSE Maths revision aids are the best way for your child to to prepare for their exam. Access the materials today to support your child's learning and contact Ilkley Tuition if you need any further assistance or support.

About Ilkley Tuition 

Ilkley Tuition has been established since 2012 under the guise of Skipton Tutors, along with our sister website in Harrogate, Harrogate Tutors. Over the past 5 years we have grown dramatically allowing us to cover more locations and subjects. We set up in Ilkley to expand our tuition service offering to the people of Ilkley and the surrounding villages. We operate a professional tuition service focusing on the core subjects relating to Maths, English and Science. We also give a special focus to GCSE and A Level students as we appreciate the exams in these years are extremely important and it is a time when students often need the support the most. Unlike other agencies we also have GCSE Science tutors who can provide expert tuition in all three Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics as opposed to just combined science. 

We believe that our tutoring service is superior to most other tuition agencies out there as we rigorously vet our tutors, constantly monitor performance, offer training and support to ensure that the high level of tuition we offer is continuously improving. This is highlighted by our GCSE results where we have achieved a 100% success rate of 9-4 every year. 

At Ilkley tuition we tutor the subject material to a high standard to enable our pupils to reach their potential; preparing them to pass their exams with a mark that reflects their ability and dedication.

Our tutors always provide homework which is focused on reinforcing material covered in the lesson to help accelerate the learning process. Our Ilkley tutors have access to expert revision resources and a content led website (Through Complete Tuition), Complete Tuition, which students can be referred to for additional resources and practise questions.

Ilkley Tuition has a great deal of experience in terms of tutoring students of all ages and levels. Our Ilkley tutors have a CRB/DBS certificate and unlike other agencies Ilkley Tuition interviews and assesses every tutor. When receiving tuition from one of our tutors you can expect to receive a well planned lesson, useful homework and genuine feedback on the progress being made.  Have confidence in Ilkley Tuition.

What Ilkley Tuition has to offer 

The Ilkley Tuition approach to private tuition is simple, we tutor the required material to a high standard to enable the student to reach their potential whether that is in GCSE Maths, English, Science or any other subject or level. Our lessons tend to last an hour, with feedback given and a relevant homework set to support the learning and accelerate progress.

Ilkley Tutors have extensive experience in tutoring students of all ages across all of our subjects. Every tutor is interviewed in person, DBS checked and assessed to ensure they offer the high level of private tuition we pride ourselves on.

We provide high quality tuition in Ilkley and the surrounding areas. Have confidence in Ilkley tuition and contact us today to find more about our Ilkley tutors in your area.

The Ilkley tuition mission is to improve tutoring standards across the board but especially in key areas such as GCSE Maths and A level tuition. We will do this by providing tutors with the right training, qualifications and attitude to help our Ilkley students succeed. 

Experienced Tutors

One-to-one home Tuition

Tuition tailored around you

Competitive prices

Ilkley Maths Tuition | Maths Tutors in Ilkley

Ilkley Tuition have exceptional GCSE Maths tutors in Ilkley and A level teachers who tutor Maths to the highest standards. Our Ilkley Maths tutors are all DBS checked and qualified to the right level in order to ensure they deliver the best A level and GCSE Maths tuition. Our A level Maths tutors are happy to travel to you in Ilkley or the surrounding areas such as Burley. Our Ilkley Maths tutors are up to speed with all the detailed changes made to the GCSE Maths syllabus this year and are aware of the subtle updates made to the different A level Maths courses provided by the exam boards AQA, Edexcel, OCR and MEI. All of our Ilkley Maths tutors that provide GCSE and A level Maths tuition have higher levels of qualification relating to Maths to ensure they are experts in the subject.

Our Ilkley Maths tutors also provide tuition for students at Key Stage Two and Key Stage Three. These levels are very important as they set the foundations for the students to prosper in Maths. It is really important that the key concepts such as multiplication, long division and algebra are taught from an early age so that students feel confident and enjoy Maths. Our Ilkley KS2 and KS3 tutors specialise at these levels as with younger children there is a different skill set required to connect and effectively communicate, it is not just a case of being good at Maths. Like all of our Ilkley tutors, our Key Stage Maths tutors are passionate and enthusiastic about the work they do.


If you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in IlkleyA level Maths tuition, or Maths tuition for Key stage students, contact Ilkley Tuition today!

Ilkley Tuition also provide expert numeracy skills test tuition. As part of this tuition we use the best numeracy skills test platform available from QTS Maths Tutor. The 21 interactive practice numeracy skills tests are simply the best available online and help our QTS Maths pupils to get numeracy ready

Ilkley Science Tuition | Science Tutors in Ilkley

Ilkley Science tutors are all about enthusiasm and instilling confidence into our Science students. From GCSE Science tutors to A level Chemistry tuition, we offer all Science related tuition from KS2 up to A level. Students often find a single GCSE Science such as GCSE Biology challenging and are then ok with GCSE Physics and Chemistry. However there are others that find all three Sciences difficult and require a tutor that can tutor GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our Ilkley Science tutors can tutor all three Sciences at GCSE and have been trained to do so. Because A level is much more challenging and in depth, tutors have to be experts in their specific field.


Our A level Biology tutors specialise in this area and are therefore well positioned to tutor it. Our Ilkley A level Physics tutors have relevant degrees and have covered Physics to a much higher level. Our Ilkley A level Chemistry tutors have degrees and in many cases masters in Chemistry and have all performed really well in their own A level Chemistry exams. All of our Science tutors are passionate about tutoring their subject and they have developed exam techniques that helped them and are helping our students to overcome the challenges of A level and GCSE  Science exams. Therefore whether you are looking for an Ilkley Biology tutor, or A level Chemistry tutor, Ilkley tuition can help. Contact us today to find out more about our Science tuition in the Ilkley area or to book one of our Ilkley Science tutors. 

Ilkley English Tuition | English Tutors in Ilkley

At Ilkley tuition we have some of the best GCSE and A level English tutors. Our Ilkley tutors also offer KS2 and KS3 English tuition to help younger students gain confidence in the subject and help them to progress with things such as essay writing skills, grammar, punctuation and the key skills such as reading and writing. At GCSE our English tutors are on the ball with the current exam board specifications and any curriculum changes to ensure that our students are well aware of what they have to do when it comes to their English GCSE exams. Whether it is GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature tuition you are looking for, Ilkley Tuition have English tutors in Ilkley who will travel to you. To find our more about our English tuition or to book an English tutor, contact Ilkley tuition today and we will be more than happy to help.

We also have A Level English tutors in Ilkley who travel to students. Many of our English students go to Ilkley Grammar but we do have students who attend the Skipton Grammar schools and Harrogate Grammar as well as the other local schools. Therefore our A Level English tutors have the experience of all of the different exam boards used by the schools in our local Ilkley area.   

Ilkley Tutors Blog

Ilkley Tutors FAQs

Can one of your Ilkley tutors travel to me?

In most cases our tutors can travel to you for no additional cost but this is always dependent on availability which is often determined by the subject and time of year. For instance GCSE Maths tutors are always fully booked well before the exam period starts to approach.

Why is GCSE Maths and English so important?

It is now mandatory for all students who progress on to further education to have a GCSE in Maths and English at grade C or now level 5. If your child hasn't achieved this then they will have to resit their Maths or English alongside their chosen qualifications until they have passed them. It is also a minimum requirement for entry in to all universities and for many entry level jobs. 

How do you hire your your Ilkley Tutors?

We interview all of our tutors in person and background check everyone to ensure that we only supply the very best tutors with a proven track record. 

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