KS2 Tuition in Ilkley

Ilkley Tuition has KS2 tutors that specialise in English and Maths tuition. Because our Ilkley tutors specialise at this level and they have relevant experience, they are able to deliver a very high level of KS2 private tuition.

Like all of our tutors in Ilkley, our KS2 tutors have full DBS checks and are regularly monitored to ensure they continuously provide the highest level of tuition. Ilkley tuition is confident in the tutors we supply.  

KS2 Maths Tuition in Ilkley

The national syllabus for maths aims to develop students at this level in a number of different ways, outline below:

  • Students can problem solve by applying their maths skills to a number of different problems with increasing difficulty. At higher level this will require students to break down complex problems into simpler, more manageable steps.

  • Students should establish the fundamentals of maths and its vocabulary and be able to apply these fundamental skills to a series of different mathematical problems through practise and recall of methods previously taught.

  • Students will be able to reason mathematically by providing simple proofs and stating a series of steps that clearly outline the method used to develop the proof.

If you are looking for a Key Stage Two Maths Tutor in Ilkley make sure you contact Ilkley Tuition and we will be more than happy to discuss your child's needs, whether that be helping them to prepare for their KS2 Maths SATS exams or just to help them understand the key concepts in KS2 Maths.

KS2 English Tuition in Ilkley

The Key Stage Two English Syllabus is clear with its objectives to improve the reading and writing skills of individual students, helping to bring those less able students up to an acceptable standard across the board. Key stage two students should be able to:

  • Use a wide range of vocabulary to and articulate their points of view in both written and spoken English.

  • Fundamental techniques such as spelling, grammar and punctuation should be established to a good level at a very early age.

  • Writing methods should be embedded and expanded up on as a student progresses with age. Use of connectives and other techniques should be used to help develop more complex sentence structure.

If you are looking for a Key Stage Two tutor English tutor in Ilkley and would like more information about our service please get in touch. Our KS2 English tutors in Ilkley can help your child to progress with their KS2 English studies whilst giving the confidence they need to thrive. 

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