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A Level maths papers

As we approach exam season students, teachers and tutors will start to focus on past papers and exam style questions for every subject and A Level maths is no different. Since the new A level maths exams were introduced in 2018, there has only been two exam papers and as the latest exam paper is used by schools for mocks there is only 1 paper live on the internet for students to practise from. Therefore finding new resources that are as close to the real exam questions as possible is crucial.

At Ilkley Tuition we are happy to recommend the A level maths papers by MME. These new papers have the right format and feel and are relevant to AQA, Edexcel,m OCR and MEI exam boards. Getting the very best A level maths practise papers is essential to help students practise the application of their knowledge. There are tonnes of old questions and past papers out there but they aren't in the same style as the new papers which test application of knowledge and understanding at a far greater extent to the old papers ever did. Whether you are a student revising for your A level maths exams or you are a tutor looking for some additional resources to provide students with in the run up to the 2020 exam then the MME A level maths predicted papers will certainly help.

If you are looking for an A level maths tutor or any support with your A level maths, contact Ilkley Tuition and we will ensure one of our maths tutors in Ilkley contacts you.

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